​Please note new rules regarding pool usage during the COVID-19 pandemic 

  1. In the first gazebo, you’ll see a sign in sheet, a sign that you must read and hand sanitizer.  Please read the sign, use the hand sanitizer, sign the sheet with the time you’re entering the pool, then proceed through the gate.  By signing the sheet of paper you are certifying that you have read the posted sign and are entering the pool area symptom free. 


  • The pool will be closed until 10 am for testing, cleaning, and adding chemicals. 

  • 15 people will be allowed in the pool area (decking around pool) at a time – given the size of our pool only 10 people will be allowed in the pool at one time to ensure social distancing can take place. 

  • If you’ve been in the pool/pool area for a while and others are waiting, please consider giving someone else a turn. 

  • The gate, handrails and other high touch areas will be disinfected every hour (during high use times) and a log kept of those times.  

  • Please keep 6-8 feet distance from others (who are not family) while swimming. If you have small children, please make sure they are doing the same.  If you are not swimming, we encourage you to wear a mask if people are present that aren't family. 

  • Swim time is limited to an hour during busy times to give others time at the pool. 

  • Please do not allow children to get in and out of the pool – once they’re in, please keep them in the pool until they are done swimming.  This applies to teenagers also – no jumping in the pool. 

  • Water toys or games (such as water volleyball, etc…) are not permitted into the pool until further notice.  Pool noodles are allowed for floating IF you always keep the pool noodle with you . 

  • There will be a cleaning station set up in the pool area for your use to wipe down handrails or other areas you may be touching in between the scheduled disinfection time.      

  • You’ll need to bring your own chair to the pool area with you.  Chairs and picnic tables will not be available at this time.  We will monitor this and will add chairs if we feel they can be disinfected after each use by the users.   

  • Signs will be posted in the pool area as a reminder. 

  • Do not use the pool if you have a cough, fever, or other symptoms of illness.

  • We are not allowing outside guests/visitors (people who aren't staying here) to use the pool at this time.   


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