Motor Boat Rentals

Motor Boat Rentals (Fishing boats) 


$75.00 per half day / fuel not included 

$125.00 per day / fuel not included

includes cushions and life jackets 

The boat: 14' V-hull aluminum boats - seat 4 w/ 9.9 hp engine 


Our Policies:


  • You must be at least 21 years old to rent  motor boats.


  • You  must provide proof of having completed a boating safety course, if born after 1974 (state law)


  • Boats are to be used during daylight hours only & returned to dock before dusk.


  • Prices do not include gas or 6% Vermont Sales Tax.


  • Early returns will not result in a refund.


  • We ask that you carry a cell phone, check the weather forecasts, and observe all safety precautions when boating on Otter Creek & Lake Champlain.


  • Be prepared to leave your drivers license with us for the duration of the rental.  


  • Motor Boats will not be rented on days when the winds are high.  


  • We reserve the right to not rent boats at our descretion.  


  • All children under the age of 12 must wear an US Coast Guard approved floatation device.  Floatation devices are provided and included in the price of rental.   

This is the stock photo of our exact boat.  It has two split seats in the middle and one on each end of the boat.  


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Dock Space Rental


$1.50 per foot - daily


$2.00 per foot - nightly

(includes use of shower room) 


$100.00 - weekly

 $250 - monthly (up to 20 feet)

$300 - monthly (21-25 feet)

$350 - monthly (26-28 feet)

$850.00 - Seasonal (up to 18 feet)

$950 - Seasonal (19-26 feet)

$1050.00 - Seasonal (27 -30 feet) 

Use of Ramp to launch- $15.00 per use

$20 - per use includes parking/trailer storage